Run, Move, Sweat!

Bill doing a triathlon in his shorty shorts

Bill doing a triathlon in his shorty shorts

What the hey? In the past four months, six people close to me have gone to the hospital with heart problems. One died. Four others had stents implanted, plus they were put on expensive, life-long heart medications. Just last week my brother-in-law went in for a stent – he’s in his early forties. Yesterday, it was my sister-in-law’s turn – she’s in her mid-fifties. Like I said: What the hey?


As it is with most real estate investors, Kim and I have spent years working diligently investing in real estate. Why all the effort and sacrifice? To achieve financial freedom so we can do what we want, when we want, where we want, why we want, and with whom we want.


But what if we achieve financial freedom only to discover that our good health has gotten up and gone? If health issues make us invalids, what good is financial freedom?

What can we do to prevent this? One hour a day – Run! Move! Sweat!

Most every morning, Kim and I spend one hour exercising. We don’t workout together because Kim’s favorite exercise is to Zumba as she walks our country road. “Zumba” is a Latin word meaning: spastic redhead!

Wish you could see the odd, seizure-like movements her arms and legs make. It’s quite a sight…reminds me of a Joe Cocker performance…or better yet, of John Belushi impersonating a Joe Cocker performance!

I, on the other hand, do triathlons – short ones, not the Ironmans. My training consists of swimming twice, biking twice and running twice each week. In addition, I lift weights and stretch. For the record, nothing I do causes me to look as goofy as Kim does when she’s Zumbaing. Upon further reflection, do you know what’s attractive about a fifty-five-year-old man wearing nothing but spandex triathlon shorty shorts? NOTHING!!!


Several years ago, we read Younger Next Year by Chris Crowley and Henry Lodge. It changed the way Kim and I looked at exercise. Basically it says that if you want to be healthy when you’re in your seventies and eighties, then starting now you must workout one hour a day, every day. And by “workout,” I mean you must get your heart pumping fast and you need to sweat! A casual stroll with the dog after dinner is pleasant, but it just doesn’t cut it.


We also started eating better. We gave up fried foods (almost). And sin of all sins, I pretty much gave up sweet tea. To a Southerner – and I AM a Southerner despite what the folks at Sue’s barbershop claim – sweet tea is a cherished tradition that’s near impossible to quit!)

Here’s another idea you may want to try – and it’s free! There’s a company called Virtual Imaging (770-730-0119) that advertises a free heart scan on an Atlanta radio station. They have a machine that can look at – and through – your heart to see if you have any blockages. Kim and I just did this. On a scale of 0 to 400, with 400 being you’d better dig your grave – we both scored zeros. In other words, what we’re doing is working!

One thing to know about this free heart-scan procedure: They will do their dead-level best to sell you their paid program. They are very good salespeople…as good as the folks selling timeshares. Just remember, you can say “no” to the paid stuff and just get the free heart scan. This is what Kim and I did. The scan itself only takes ten minutes, but you must sit through a forty-minute sales pitch to get there.


Boomers, we know the importance of living healthy lives. What’s our number one excuse for not exercising? Time. That’s because we plan our day, and then try to squeeze in a little exercise. This is backward. Instead, we should set our exercise time, and then schedule the rest of our day around it.


We wish you good health, wealth and happiness!


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