Pete’s Seminar

Pete Fortunato’s

Options Course

September 17 & 18, 2016 – Atlanta

Saturday & Sunday (9am – 5pm)

Atlanta Airport Marriott


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Pete will present two days of lecture and discussion, with case studies on how to use Options to benefit yourself and others.


This is the only presentation of Pete’s Options Course in 2016! This is a must-attend opportunity!


Pete is a national treasure and if you’ve watched him at seminars, whether he’s teaching or attending, then you’ve witnessed him eagerly answering questions and helping structure deals. He has a crowd of people around him at all times, and he loves it! As Pete is famous for saying…. ‘Is there anything else to talk about, other than real estate?’


Some of the topics that Pete will discuss at the Option’s Seminar:

  • Options are a Right, Not an Obligation
  • Control Without Ownership
  • Discomfort = Opportunity
  • Distributing Equity & Growth
  • Trading Growth for Use
  • Contingent, Assignable, Contracts


When you attend Pete’s seminars, you instantly realize that the attendees in the room chatter with each other like family at a reunion. That’s because, to them, it is a reunion. Successful investors, intent on building wealth, stop everything to make sure they have a seat in the ballroom when Pete speaks. Whenever and wherever. He is that important to them.


Some of the Documents included in the Option’s Course:

  • Investment Options
  • Assignable Contracts
  • Lease Option Style Contracts
  • Seller-carry Options
  • Equity Participation Note
  • Sandwich Leases
  • Directions to Trustee
  • Mortgage to Secure Options


We are honored to host Pete in Atlanta on September 17th & 18th, 2016 at the Atlanta Airport Marriott.


Though Pete’s Option’s Course is intense and certainly not for the weak of heart, Pete quickly points out that an option is a right, not an obligation and therefore, a great wealth-building tool.


Pete’s Option’s Course Manual will be filled with one option after another, showing the deal – how he found the opportunity, structured the deal, and put the paperwork in place to secure it. Pete teaches a way of thinking and acting purposefully and responsibly. It is not about repeating cookie cutter transactions.


We hope to see you at this awesome event. Call Kim Cook – 770 815-8728 – for more details, or simply email the registration form to

Questions and Debate always encouraged- Get involved, this class is for you!


About Pete:
Peter FortunatoPeter is a libertarian and a capitalist. He believes that transactions which you can be proud of result from carefully conceived goals and plans followed by purposeful actions and scrupulous documentation. Upon graduating from high school in 1965, Peter went right into the real estate business. His motivation was his desire to be self-employed. Pete says “Everyone who knew me believed that I was unemployable. They were right. I still am!”
Peter was excited about being free to build his business and his future. He attended seminars and read at every opportunity. He sought out and learned from many mentors and benefited from the example and counsel of his father who encouraged him and supported him from the beginning. Pete finished college with a clientele and an investment portfolio. By 1975 his investment income had eliminated his need for fees from clients to fund his lifestyle.
Peter continues to teach and to attend real estate and investment seminars and meetings regularly. He is respected for his clear and patient explanations of investment concepts and transactions.
He has been building, structuring, manipulating and managing investment transactions and portfolios for more than 45 years. Pete currently lives in Tampa, Florida, where he has hosted his Acquisitions Seminar in the past. We are thrilled to have Pete bring his seminar to Atlanta this year to share his wealth of knowledge and experience with us!

Location – Atlanta Airport Marriott – $97/night
4711 Best Road, College Park, GA 30337 – (404) 766-7900
*Room block under “Fortunato – Options Course”

Stay at the Marriott – Network with your fellow investors!

4 Easy Ways to Register:
Fax to: 678-550-2155 (secured) or call 770-815-8728 or email
or mail this form (below) with your check to:
CashFlowREI, PO Box 22,
Adairsville, GA 30103

$497.00 ($397.00/each if in a REIA or 2 or more persons registering together)

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