The 8 Benefits of a Real Estate Transaction

One of the best real estate investing teachers in the country is Pete Fortunato. What makes him so special? Pete knows how to creatively structure deals in ways that make impossible deals possible.

Before Pete became one of our primary teachers in 1999, Kim and I did all of our deals the same old way. We’d find a house, apply for a mortgage, close with an attorney and then either sell or rent the property. Bottom line: If we couldn’t get a mortgage, we couldn’t do the deal. We felt like we were buying a Model T Ford from Henry Ford. Mr. Ford used to tell his customers, “The Model T comes in whatever color you want – as long as you want black.”

One of our biggest real estate investing ah-hah moments happened at our first Pete seminar…

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How to Negotiate Win-Win Deals

Most folks mistakenly think negotiating is a beat-the-other-side-over-the-head-until-they-quit thing. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Over the years, we’ve sat down with thousands of buyers, sellers and tenants and successfully negotiated hundreds of Win-Win deals.

What’s a Win-Win deal? It’s when both parties leave the negotiating table feeling like they ended up in a better place than where they started. They may not be in the exact place they wanted to be, but they are in a better place!

Here’s a nugget I learned from Pete Fortunato: No one is gonna say yes to a deal that puts them in a worse place than where they started. Given a choice between a worse place and the same place, folks will take the same place about every time – in other words, no deal!

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Landlording Math

Landlording Math: Tenants + Pitbulls = Eviction

I advise landlords to regularly inspect their rental properties – both inside and out. This will help keep little problems from becoming big problems. Another good piece of advice is to know the neighbors around your rentals and make sure those neighbors have your phone number.

A few weeks back, I inspected a property we manage in Canton, Georgia. The tenants had lived there for about five months. They kept the home spotless, paid on time and were comfortable to work with.

While we allow pets, these folks didn’t have any…or so they told me. As I did a walk-around inspection, I opened the gate to the backyard and suddenly realized three very important things: First, the tenants had acquired a momma Pitbull and her six pups. Second, momma Pitbulls are VERY protective of their babies. Third, I didn’t have a change of underwear – something I suddenly needed DESPERATELY!

Later that evening –

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