One Step Beyond

Pete with Waffle House coffee mug

Pete with Waffle House coffee mug

In September, Kim and I are bringing Pete Fortunato to town. Pete is the BEST creative deal structurer and funder we’ve ever met. He has been one of our primary real estate investing teachers since the late nineties. If you are a regular reader of our column, you’ve heard me quote him hundreds of times. There’s simply nobody else like Pete!


Here are just a few of the quotes that I jotted down the last time I took Pete’s One Step Beyond seminar.


“Every deal you do is a seed for another deal.”


“If you do a good deal with someone, they’ll want to do more deals with you because you’ve proved yourself to be honest and competent.”


“How do you know whether it’s a good deal? Each party is happier after the deal has closed.”


“Most of the time a yellow pad is the best thing on which to draw up an agreement. Then take what’s on the pad and type it up in the form of a contract.”


“Opportunities are found. Deals are constructed. So don’t go out looking for deals. Instead, look for opportunities!”


“Opportunities are born out of someone’s uncomfortable circumstance. You find out what this is by asking, ‘Why are you selling such a nice house like this?’”


“When you present an offer and the other party begins to cry, either your offer is really good or really bad.”


When dealing with an attorney or realtor: “Your traditions are not laws of nature. Why should I let your traditions affect my transactions?”


“It’s inconvenient to be physically alive but financially dead.”


“Real estate is a thinking man’s game, not a running man’s game.”


On Thursday, September 10, Pete will be teaching at our North Georgia REIA real estate investors meeting at the beautiful Hilton Garden Inn in Cartersville, Georgia. Because we are closing our group at the end of December, this will be the last time Pete will be teaching in Bartow County.


Then on September 11 and 12, Pete will be doing his two-day One Step Beyond seminar in Atlanta, Georgia. You can get full information about both events, as well as see a video of Pete, by going to our website:


This is NOT a commercial. Come, don’t come, that’s up to you. I just want to make sure you know about Pete. If you’re a pilot, it would be like seeing the Wright Brothers. If you’re a physicist, it would be like talking to Albert Einstein. If you believe in equal rights, it would be like listening to Martin Luther King.


I remember the first time I heard Pete teach. After the seminar, I had to hibernate for three days so I could review and absorb the lessons he had covered. Needless to say, he blew my mind, and I have never been the same since.


I love Pete! Without him, Kim and I would never have achieved the level of success we’ve been fortunate enough to achieve. We want everyone we know to see this master while he’s still teaching.


What’s the best lesson I’ve learned from Pete? Years ago, I was constructing a deal that had too many moving parts. I called Pete for help. He simplified my offer, and it was accepted by the seller. I announced to the world that Pete was the greatest outside-the-box thinker. Pete sent me a two-word email. All it said was: What Box?


I dare you to try to wrap your mind around Pete’s response. It caused a universal shift in how I look at business, as well as life!


You’re welcome to contact me with your real estate investing questions.

Bill and Kim’s North Georgia Real Estate Investors Association meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month, from 7 to 9 p.m., at the beautiful Hilton Garden Inn off Main Street in Cartersville, Georgia. For more info, go to