About March’s North Georgia REIA Meeting

MEETING TOPIC: Joe English Presents: Making Money with Mobile Homes


MEETING TIME: Thursday, March 12, 2015, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.


VIDEO ABOUT MEETING:http://youtu.be/FhR7iHabNaw


MEETING LOCATION: We meet at the beautiful Hilton Garden Inn in Cartersville, Georgia, at Exit #288 (Main Street) off I-75. To see the map, go here: http://mapq.st/w3fCHT



With inventory as low as it is, we firmly believe Mobile Homes are one of the most underused and untapped resources in real estate today.

You may have heard of a Lonnie Deal. It’s when you buy a mobile home in a trailer park for $2000 cash, then sell it with terms for $7000. The buyer’s down payment will help you recoup a chunk of your purchase price. Best of all, you’ll get monthly payments of $300 for three years. That’s a yearly yield of 240% – making this a HOT STEAMING DEAL!

What makes Lonnie Deals even better is, after a year or two, you often get the home back because something happens to the BUYER, and he needs to move elsewhere. You then repeat the deal again. That’s an annuity, Baby! And because it paid for itself in the first year, your yearly yield literally becomes infinite!

But we are not stopping at Lonnie Deals. We’re also going to discuss how the lack of mortgage availability for Mobile Homes has created a niche for Cash Buyers. You can pick up Land Home Deals (a mobile home on land) for $8,000 to $20,000. These puppies cash flow for as much – or more – than a single-family home!

Also at March’s meeting:

  • We’ll get you excited with case studies showing you how we’ve crafted Monster Profits out of these wobbly-box deals!
  • You’ll see the Paper Work you need to buy your first mobile home!
  • You’ll see how to FLIP a mobile home and make as much as you do on a house!
  • We’ll walk you through some bad deals we’ve done so you know what NOT to do. More importantly, you’ll learn how to turn them around and come out on top!
  • As a Newbie, you’ll see that mobile homes are a great place to start investing!
  • As a Seasoned Pro, you’ll see that mobile homes can be the most profitable investment you own!


North Georgia REIA is passionate about your financial freedom. We want you to live your best life! We will NEVER waste your valuable time with fluff-filled, click-the-easy-button, get-rich-quick meetings. That’s a promise!


Remember: A good number of us meet at the Hilton Garden Inn around 5:30 to have supper before the meeting. The what’s-happening-now dinner conversation is always enlightening…and it’s a great way to network with other like-minded capitalist!


This will be a great evening. We look forward to seeing your smiling face. Please bring family and friends. And remember: We LOVE questions and input – questions and input make us all better, smarter, wiser real estate investors!


Bill and Kim Cook


COST: $10/person (kids under 18 cruise in for free).

GUARANTEE: All of our REIA meetings and seminars come with a 100% no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you do not think our meeting or seminar was worth your valuable time, we will gladly refund all of your money with a smile and no questions asked.