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About October’s Meeting!


We only have THREE meetings left!!! After 13 years, with the close of DECEMBER’S meeting, Kim and I will be shutting the doors on North Georgia REIA. You’ll want to be at each meeting between now and then because when we’re done, we’re done!

At October’s meeting, we’ll discuss the things you need to know – and do – if your goal is to prosper as a real estate investor. We won’t talk about the obvious things. Rather, we’ll discuss the things few investors have experience with – and fewer still ever talk about in public.

Here are some of those topics:

How do I – being an old, seasoned investor – quickly tell whether the deal is good or not? How do I know what I’m looking at? And if I decided to take the deal down, how do I get it funded fast?

What things do you need to have in place before you up your game and become a full-time real estate investor? I did a LOT of legwork in 1997 before going full-time on January 1, 1998. At October’s meeting, you’ll learn what I did to insure success.

The goal is to get mailbox money and achieve financial freedom. But how do you accomplish this if you HATE rental property and DESPISE tenants? It’s easier to do than you think. It just requires you to structure your deals just a bit differently.

If you’ve done ten or more deals, then you’re an experienced investor. That said, are you still structuring your deals the same way you did when you were a greenhorn? Want to see how you should be constructing your deals in order to…

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September 10th North Georgia REIA Meeting


After 13 years, we’re closing our real estate investors group at the conclusion of December’s meeting. Our last four meetings will be one-of-a-kind, blow-your-mind fantastic!!!!

This month, Pete Fortunato will be our guest speaker. Pete is THE BEST creative deal structurer we’ve ever met. And he’ll be in Cartersville to share his 50 years of incredible real estate investing wisdom! And this will be the last time you’ll get to see Pete in this area!

What is it like to be around Pete? If you’re a pilot, it’s like watching the Wright Brothers fly. If you’re into physics, it’s like asking Albert Einstein questions. If you want your soul moved, it’s like listening to Martin Luther King speak. It just doesn’t get any better than Pete Fortunato!

What’s THE MOST important saying we’ve learned from Pete? “Why are you selling such a nice house like this?”

What’s THE MOST important lesson we’ve learned from Pete? “What box?” (At the meeting you’ll find out what this means!)

Pete is also outstanding at coming up with mind-bending quotes. Here are three:

It’s inconvenient to be physically alive but financially dead.

Opportunities are found. Deals are constructed. So don’t go out looking for deals. Instead, look for opportunities!

Every deal you do is a seed for another deal.

Pete has come up with lots of mind-bending-quotes over the years. I call these Pete-isms. Each one is a real brain-warper!

Why attend this meeting? It’s Pete Fortunato, for Pete’s sake! If you call yourself a real estate investor, there’s no one better to learn from.

Arrive at September’s meeting early to get the best seats. It will be a packed house!

Kim and I are bringing Pete to town to teach at our REIA on Thursday, and to teach his One Step Beyond seminar on Saturday and Sunday in Atlanta. Say you’re with North Georgia REIA and it’s only $350/person for his two-day seminar. (Find full seminar info on our website:

Remember: A good number of us…

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August REIA Meeting Info


We’re doing something special this month. Our monthly meeting will be on Thursday, August 13, 2015. We’re following is up with a final pontoon boat cruise on Lake Allatoona on Saturday, August 15, 2015. (NOTE: We can only fit 22 investors on the boat. With this being our last REIA cruise, it will sell out fast. It’s $45/person. We provide lunch. Call Kim at 770-815-8728 to sign up!)

Kim and I have managed rental property and tenants for almost twenty years. During this time, we’ve made every landlording mistake possible. In other words, experience has taught us what works and doesn’t work.

During August’s meeting, I’ll discuss the top 10 landlording lessons I’ve learned over the years. In addition, a number of experienced landlords at the meeting will be sharing their #1 landlording lesson as well.

Three-quarters of the investors who attend our meetings own rental property. This meeting will be pure landlording gold. Be sure to bring paper and pen!

Here are a couple of topics from my Top 10 List:

Why own rental property?

When should you begin an eviction?

What’s the best way to solve a tenant problem?

What’s the best type of rental property to own and not own?

What’s the #1 way to find a great tenant?

As you probably know, after thirteen years, Kim and I are closing North Georgia REIA at the conclusion of December’s meeting. August will be the last time we discuss landlording.

What’s on the schedule for the rest of the year? In September, Pete Fortunato will be our guest speaker. In October, we’ll talk about wholesaling properties. For November, Dyches Boddiford and I will talk about creative deal structuring and funding. And finally, in December, Kim and I will show you how to succeed as a real estate investor.

North Georgia REIA is passionate about your…

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What’s July’s Meeting About?

At July’s meeting, we’ll discuss two topics 1) How to buy houses PRE-foreclosure, 2) Lee Perkins, our long-time real estate attorney, will talk about the new – and much more complicated – closing documents we’ll soon be forced to use.

Buying Pre-foreclosure:

– How to buy a property that’s advertised for foreclosure BEFORE it’s auctioned on the courthouse steps

– Why buying pre-foreclosure is often better than buying on the courthouse steps.

– How to make sense out of the legal ads

– How to transfer the legal ad info onto our Foreclosure Sheet (NOTE: Everyone attending will get a free copy of our Foreclosure Sheet.)

– How to put together your foreclosure book

– How to map out foreclosure properties

– Where to stand after knocking on the homeowner’s door

– What to say at the homeowner’s door

– What to ask at the homeowner’s kitchen table

– How to close a deal in less than 10 days

Lee Perkins:

– Why the HUD-1 is going away?

– What closing documents are taking the place of the HUD-1?

– Will closings get easier or harder?

– Will closings take longer or shorter to close?

This will be an information packed meeting! And remember, North Georgia REIA is coming to a close with the end of December’s meeting. Between now and then, show up and get your real estate investing questions answered!

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WHEN: Saturday, August 15, 2015, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. NOTE: We will pull out promptly at 10, so you need to be on the boat no later than 9:30 a.m.!!!

WHERE: We’ll board at Paradise Boat Rentals on Park Marina Road, in Red Top Mountain State Park, in Cartersville, Georgia. Their phone number is 770-974-2628

TO SIGN UP: Call Kim Cook at 770-815-8728. Bill’s number is 770-815-8727.


The 5th Annual REIA on the Water Double-decker Pontoon Boat Cruise!

It’s time to celebrate the end of summer by getting together with other likeminded real estate investors while cruising on – and swimming in – Lake Allatoona!

Continuing the five-year tradition, twenty-six real estate investors will get together on a huge double-decker pontoon boat (it has a bathroom) and spend four hours cruising the lake, going for a swim and talking creative deal structuring and funding. It’s a blast – tons of great, what’s-working-now information gets shared!

The cruise is $45/person. We provide lunch, snacks and drinks. It’s always a sellout – we can only take 22 investors – so if you want to join us, call Kim now and reserve your spot! Her number is 770-815-8728.

You can go to North Georgia REIA’s Facebook page to see pictures of REIA on the Water cruises from previous years.

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June’s North Georgia REIA Meeting


As many of you know, after 13 years, Kim and I are putting North Georgia REIA to bed at the close of our December 2015 meeting. Between now and then, we will do the meetings we’ve always wanted to do – but never dared to do before!

It was hard naming June’s meeting. At first it was called No Damn Way Deals. Then it was Holy Crap Deals. Finally, after much begging, Kim let me call the meeting: The Ballsiest Deals Ever!

As a real estate investor, your job is to make the impossible deals not only possible, but also probable. To accomplish this goal, you need a lot of tools in your deal structuring toolbox.

At June’s meeting, you’ll see creative deal structuring and funding at its absolute finest! You’ll see deal structures that you never knew existed. You’ll see the trigger pulled on properties that 99% of the investing world wouldn’t have done because they didn’t know how to structure or fund them.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! It will be presented by some of the most creative real estate investing minds in the country. I promise that you’ve never seen anything like this before. Be ready to have your mind bent – and then blown!

On the panel will be my good friends and fellow cohorts Houston Long, Joe English, Mike Tarpey and Kerry Milligan. We’re gonna talk about the deals we’ve NEVER publically talked about before – EVER!

In fact, let’s go ahead and set the meeting’s ground rules: (Rules? In a knife fight? There’re no rules in a knife fight! – Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid.)

These “alleged” deals probably never happened!

Any pictures you see of us on the screen were likely photoshopped!

Any documents you see were possibly forged by persons unknown!

All names have been changed to protect the…ummm…innocent!

The paranoia meter at this meeting will be pegged in the red – and so will the color of Houston’s face!

If you are someone who is easily offended, or is wrapped up in political correctness, DO NOT attend this meeting!

Absolutely no one is allowed to record this meeting!

North Georgia REIA is passionate about your…

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May’s North Georgia REIA Meeting


Dorsie Boddiford is completing her fourth year of real estate investing. Without a doubt, the girl is a Rock Star! In addition to doing over 50 deals, she also regularly loans and partners with other investors on deals!

This month Dorsie will discuss why an investor should flip – and whether an investor should only flip. She’ll also answer the question: What does flipping have to do with attaining financial freedom?

Here’s an overview of the flipping questions Dorsie will answer:

How do you find flips?

How do you fund flips?

How do you structure flips?

Who do you need on your flipping team?

What exit strategies can you use when flipping?

Then comes the good part. Dorsie will show you…

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April 9th North Georgia REIA


You’ve seen the foreclosure ads that run in the newspaper. If you’re like most folks, you wonder what in the heck all that legal jargon means. You may also speculate about the steps you need to follow in order to go from reading a legal notice to being the high bidder on the courthouse steps at the foreclosure auction.

At April’s meeting, we’ll pull all the mystery away. We’ll answer the question: How do you buy foreclosures and pre-foreclosures?

Here are a few of the questions we’ll answer:

When and where do you first learn which properties will be sold at the monthly foreclosure auction?

How does a foreclosure auction work?

What should you do before you bid on a foreclosure property?

How do you buy a property at the foreclosure auction?

Where do you get the money to buy a foreclosure?

If you are the high bidder, what do you do next?

If someone is facing foreclosure, what do you say when you knock on his door?

Is there money to be made buying foreclosures and pre-foreclosures?

Why is it better to buy a property pre-foreclosure instead of at the foreclosure auction?

Is there BIG money to be made buying foreclosures? We’ll show you…

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About March’s North Georgia REIA Meeting


With inventory as low as it is, we firmly believe Mobile Homes are one of the most underused and untapped resources in real estate today.

You may have heard of a Lonnie Deal. It’s when you buy a mobile home in a trailer park for $2000 cash, then sell it with terms for $7000. The buyer’s down payment will help you recoup a chunk of your purchase price. Best of all, you’ll get monthly payments of $300 for three years. That’s a yearly yield of 240% – making this a HOT STEAMING DEAL!

What makes Lonnie Deals even better is, after a year or two, you often get the home back because something happens to the BUYER, and he needs to move elsewhere. You then repeat the deal again. That’s an annuity, Baby! And because it paid for itself in the first year, your yearly yield literally becomes infinite!

But we are not stopping at Lonnie Deals. We’re also going to discuss how the lack of mortgage availability for Mobile Homes has created a niche for Cash Buyers. You can pick up Land Home Deals (a mobile home on land) for $8,000 to $20,000. These puppies cash flow for as much – or more – than a single-family home!

Also at March’s meeting:

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A Subject-to Deal, whether you’re doing a flip or keeping the property as a long-term hold, is an incredibly creative way to fund your next real estate investing deal.

So what, exactly, is a Subject-to Deal? Usually, when you buy a property, at the closing table, the property’s title transfers to you and the seller’s mortgage is paid off. With a Subject-to Deal, the title still transfers to you, BUT the seller’s mortgage remains in place and you agree to make the SELLER’S mortgage payments on the SELLER’S mortgage for the SELLER!

Is this the same thing as a loan assumption? Nope! With a loan assumption, the seller’s mortgage transfers into YOUR name. With a Subject-to Deal, the mortgage remains in the SELLER’S name!

Subject-to Deals must be illegal, right? Nope! Look on any HUD-1, lines 203 and 503. What does it say? It says: Existing loan(s) taken subject-to. Did you know that for decades, on every HUD-1, there’s been a pre-printed line for Subject-to Deals?

If you’ve not done a Subject-to Deal, you’re probably saying, “No seller would EVER agree to it!” Are you sure about that? Are you willing to bet the ranch on that? Truth is, Kim and I have been doing Subject-to Deals since 1998 – our ranch is a Subject-to Deal!

At February’s meeting, we’ll show you WHAT a Subject-to Deal is, HOW it works, the RISKS and REWARDS, and most importantly of all, WHY a seller would agree to do a Subject-to Deal! We’ll do this by using real-world examples of deals that we, and a number of other investors, have done.

North Georgia REIA is passionate about your financial freedom. We want you to live your…

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