About October’s Meeting!


We only have THREE meetings left!!! After 13 years, with the close of DECEMBER’S meeting, Kim and I will be shutting the doors on North Georgia REIA. You’ll want to be at each meeting between now and then because when we’re done, we’re done!

At October’s meeting, we’ll discuss the things you need to know – and do – if your goal is to prosper as a real estate investor. We won’t talk about the obvious things. Rather, we’ll discuss the things few investors have experience with – and fewer still ever talk about in public.

Here are some of those topics:

How do I – being an old, seasoned investor – quickly tell whether the deal is good or not? How do I know what I’m looking at? And if I decided to take the deal down, how do I get it funded fast?

What things do you need to have in place before you up your game and become a full-time real estate investor? I did a LOT of legwork in 1997 before going full-time on January 1, 1998. At October’s meeting, you’ll learn what I did to insure success.

The goal is to get mailbox money and achieve financial freedom. But how do you accomplish this if you HATE rental property and DESPISE tenants? It’s easier to do than you think. It just requires you to structure your deals just a bit differently.

If you’ve done ten or more deals, then you’re an experienced investor. That said, are you still structuring your deals the same way you did when you were a greenhorn? Want to see how you should be constructing your deals in order to…

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What Does Creative Deal Structuring Look Like?


Since 1999, Kim and I have continually learned from Pete Fortunato how to creatively structure and fund our deals – without going to banks!

The BEST real estate investing meeting we attend is the weekly Real Estate Exchangers meeting in St. Petersburg, Florida. It’s creative deal structuring and funding at its most pure.

Here’s an example of a deal that was put together at yesterday’s meeting.

Rich has a SUV that he’ll sell for $3,000 cash. Pretty straight up deal, right?

Pete offers to trade his Nissan truck for Rich’s SUV. But Rich doesn’t want a truck; he wants $3,000 cash! Does Pete have a hearing problem or what?

Here is a classic example of Use What You Have, To Get What You Need, To Get What You Want.

Upon seeing that Pete’s truck is on the block, Kevin offers to give Pete a…

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And Kim Came Running Outside Naked

Broker Booger-pickin' Finger

Kim knows she’s not supposed to answer her iPhone when she’s in the shower. If the phone gets wet we’ll be saying goodbye to $700. Her wise and handsome husband has repeatedly warned her about this. No matter, that morning, as she bathed, when her phone rang, she answered it.

Seconds later, Kim came running out of the house naked!!!

You see, when Kim answered the phone, I was the one calling, and I was screaming, “Get back to the barn NOW!!!”

While trying to load our six-foot Bushhog onto a flatbed trailer with my tractor’s frontend loader, the 1,400 pound Bushhog slammed down on the four fingers of my right hand like a…

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If You’re Not Saying Wow, Then…


Boy was Mike ever excited! He found his first real estate investing deal; a property he planned to keep as a rental. Knowing that Kim and I loaned money to purchase investment homes, he gave me a call.

Mike’s contract was a gem of an opportunity – at least according to him. The seller told Mike that six other buyers were lined up with cash money. If Mike wasn’t able to close within a week, the seller would let another lucky stiff…errrr…I mean investor…have the home.

Mike explained that the house was built in 1955, had three bedrooms and one bath, needed a good bit of work, the neighborhood was okay but not great, and like-kind houses in the area rented for $800 per month. The seller told him the home’s fair market value was…

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September 10th North Georgia REIA Meeting

Pete Fortunato at Waffle House


After 13 years, we’re closing our real estate investors group at the conclusion of December’s meeting. Our last four meetings will be one-of-a-kind, blow-your-mind fantastic!!!!

This month, Pete Fortunato will be our guest speaker. Pete is THE BEST creative deal structurer we’ve ever met. And he’ll be in Cartersville to share his 50 years of incredible real estate investing wisdom! And this will be the last time you’ll get to see Pete in this area!

What is it like to be around Pete? If you’re a pilot, it’s like watching the Wright Brothers fly. If you’re into physics, it’s like asking Albert Einstein questions. If you want your soul moved, it’s like listening to Martin Luther King speak. It just doesn’t get any better than Pete Fortunato!

What’s THE MOST important saying we’ve learned from Pete? “Why are you selling such a nice house like this?”

What’s THE MOST important lesson we’ve learned from Pete? “What box?” (At the meeting you’ll find out what this means!)

Pete is also outstanding at coming up with mind-bending quotes. Here are three:

It’s inconvenient to be physically alive but financially dead.

Opportunities are found. Deals are constructed. So don’t go out looking for deals. Instead, look for opportunities!

Every deal you do is a seed for another deal.

Pete has come up with lots of mind-bending-quotes over the years. I call these Pete-isms. Each one is a real brain-warper!

Why attend this meeting? It’s Pete Fortunato, for Pete’s sake! If you call yourself a real estate investor, there’s no one better to learn from.

Arrive at September’s meeting early to get the best seats. It will be a packed house!

Kim and I are bringing Pete to town to teach at our REIA on Thursday, and to teach his One Step Beyond seminar on Saturday and Sunday in Atlanta. Say you’re with North Georgia REIA and it’s only $350/person for his two-day seminar. (Find full seminar info on our website: CashFlowREI.com

Remember: A good number of us…

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How Can One Deal Lead to More Deals?


Most folks think real estate investing is finding a deal, taking it down, getting it rehabbed and sold, and then going out to find the next deal. But what if you structured the deal in such a way that one deal leads to more deals? Let’s look at two real-world examples of this.

A few years ago, our good friends Joe and Ashley English, found an investment property they wanted to buy. Only one problem, they didn’t have the money to buy the home. Joe sent an email to several investors explaining that he was seeking funding.

Within minutes, Joe’s phone rang. It was Pete Fortunato – the best creative deal structurer we’ve ever met. Pete was on Joe’s email list.

After a short conversation, Pete agreed to…

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One Step Beyond

Pete with Waffle House coffee mug

In September, Kim and I are bringing Pete Fortunato to town. Pete is the BEST creative deal structurer and funder we’ve ever met. He has been one of our primary real estate investing teachers since the late nineties. If you are a regular reader of our column, you’ve heard me quote him hundreds of times. There’s simply nobody else like Pete!

Here are just a few of the quotes that I jotted down the last time I took Pete’s One Step Beyond seminar.

“Every deal you do is a seed for another deal.”

“If you do a good deal with someone, they’ll want to do more deals with you because you’ve proved yourself to be honest and competent.”

“How do you know whether it’s a good deal? Each party is happier after the deal has closed.”

“Most of the time a yellow pad is the best thing on which to draw up an agreement. Then take what’s on the pad and type it up in the form of a contract.”

“Opportunities are found. Deals are constructed. So don’t go out looking for deals. Instead, look for opportunities!”

“Opportunities are born out of someone’s uncomfortable circumstance. You find out what this is by asking, ‘Why are you selling such a nice house like this?’”

“When you present an offer and the other party begins to cry, either your offer is really good or really bad.”

When dealing with an attorney or realtor: “Your traditions are not laws of nature. Why should I let your traditions affect my transactions?”

“It’s inconvenient to be physically alive but financially dead.”

“Real estate is a thinking man’s game, not a running man’s game.”

On Thursday, September 10, Pete will be teaching at our North Georgia REIA real estate investors meeting at the beautiful Hilton Garden Inn in Cartersville, Georgia. Because we are closing our group at the end of December, this will be the last time…

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Be Hard on the Problem and Soft on the Person


An investor who owned four rental properties for the past three years called for help. He was at his wits end. Because he hated tenants so much, he was seriously considering dumping all of his rentals! By the way, this is not an uncommon feeling for new and inexperienced landlords to have.

When we met to discuss his situation, he let me hear a recording of a conversation he had had with a tenant a few days prior…and I use the word “conversation” with reluctance.

The tenant consistently paid rent six to ten days late. This sent the landlord into orbit. Over the phone, the landlord screamed at the tenant, “You are a liar, an idiot and you’re totally worthless! Pack your crap and get out of my house right dang now!” And from there, the landlord’s words really turned foul. I felt sorry for the tenant and angry with the landlord.

The landlord knew he had lost his cool and crossed a very serious…

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Stay the Course

How do you succeed as a real estate investor? How do you succeed as a person? Simple: Stay the course!

But what course? Whose course? Heck, how do you know if you’re even on the right course?

Your course begins with an idea – YOUR idea! What feels right to you? Answer this question: What were you put on earth to do? Ever thought about this? I mean, after all, you’re here for a reason, right? What’s that reason?

For eighteen years, I sold Electrolux vacuums door-to-door. It paid me a lot of money. Only one problem: I wasn’t put on earth to sell vacuums door-to-door. So why didn’t I quit much sooner? Because everyone around me told me that I’d be a fool to walk away from the huge money-earning potential Electrolux offered.

Think about that. I kept doing a job that I hated because of someone else’s dream. It wasn’t my dream. How sad!

Fortunately, at twenty-four, I discovered something incredible. I realized that I loved everything about real estate investing. Sure, it took me eleven more years to build up the courage to leave the safety of Electrolux and become an investor, but at least I eventually…

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August REIA Meeting Info


We’re doing something special this month. Our monthly meeting will be on Thursday, August 13, 2015. We’re following is up with a final pontoon boat cruise on Lake Allatoona on Saturday, August 15, 2015. (NOTE: We can only fit 22 investors on the boat. With this being our last REIA cruise, it will sell out fast. It’s $45/person. We provide lunch. Call Kim at 770-815-8728 to sign up!)

Kim and I have managed rental property and tenants for almost twenty years. During this time, we’ve made every landlording mistake possible. In other words, experience has taught us what works and doesn’t work.

During August’s meeting, I’ll discuss the top 10 landlording lessons I’ve learned over the years. In addition, a number of experienced landlords at the meeting will be sharing their #1 landlording lesson as well.

Three-quarters of the investors who attend our meetings own rental property. This meeting will be pure landlording gold. Be sure to bring paper and pen!

Here are a couple of topics from my Top 10 List:

Why own rental property?

When should you begin an eviction?

What’s the best way to solve a tenant problem?

What’s the best type of rental property to own and not own?

What’s the #1 way to find a great tenant?

As you probably know, after thirteen years, Kim and I are closing North Georgia REIA at the conclusion of December’s meeting. August will be the last time we discuss landlording.

What’s on the schedule for the rest of the year? In September, Pete Fortunato will be our guest speaker. In October, we’ll talk about wholesaling properties. For November, Dyches Boddiford and I will talk about creative deal structuring and funding. And finally, in December, Kim and I will show you how to succeed as a real estate investor.

North Georgia REIA is passionate about your…

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